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Alaska Elopement Photographer

A couple cuddling in front of a massive mountain peak during their adventurous Alaskan elopement in the mountains

Elope in Alaska

There's something about Alaska that's just magnetic. It has an almost magic quality in the air and the ability to make you feel truly alive. The first time I ever visited Alaska I was completely entranced. I remember texting my husband "I wish I could bottle up this feeling so you could feel it too". It's hard for me to put into words, but being in Alaska you just feel free- there's so much space to think, explore, breathe, and just be. I mean, they don't call it the Last Frontier for nothing! Alaska is hands down the most breathtakingly beautiful place I have ever been to in my entire life. If you're looking for an incredible place to elope, I can promise that you won't be disappointed with Alaska!


Massive, seemingly endless mountain ranges, jagged peaks, places where mountains touch the sea, impressive volcanoes (like the tallest mountain peak in North America!), breathtaking icy blue glaciers waiting to be explored, glacier lakes filled with icebergs, fjords, stunning valleys and overlooks, waterfalls, incredible wildlife, wildflowers or dazzling fall colors depending on the season- Alaska truly has all the best places to elope.


An adventure lover's paradise, Alaska has it all and makes for the perfect elopement destination. Whether you want to hike, go off-roading, climb, ski, backpack, camp, skydive, kayak and see icebergs & glaciers, star gaze, dog sled, explore a glacier, take a helicopter tour, watch the aurora, go whale watching, or even go grizzly bear watching, there are endless activities you can do on your elopement day.


The search for the best place to elope in Alaska ends here- I got you covered.

What is an Adventure Elopement?

An elopement is an intimate, experience-driven, intentional celebration of your relationship that focuses on what matters most- two people exchanging their vows and committing their lives to one another. There are many types of elopements, but adventure elopements are typically outside in nature and involve some element of adventure.


Eloping allows you to set aside stress, expectations, and throw out any traditions you don't feel connected to. You can elope just the two of you, or you can elope surrounded by your very closest family and friends. The beautiful thing about eloping? There are no rules.

A couple saying their vows and performing a handfasting ceremony during their Alaska elopement near Valdez

The day you get married matters!

Nobody deserves to feel pressured into a type of wedding day that they don't want or that doesn't feel like them. Your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are and a unique celebration of your love. The experience in which you say your vows to your partner, when you commit the rest of your life to them, MATTERS. You deserve to have a wedding experience that is authentically you and everything you've ever dreamed of. If a traditional wedding doesn't align with who you are, or what you want- that's perfectly okay!

                                                                                                                                      Instead, you could have an adventurous elopement.

Why Should Your Elopement Last All Day?

I get it. At first glance the idea of having an all day elopement (and having the entire experience documented) sounds absolutely wild. But trust me, it's really not!


The way you get married is important! Your wedding day will be your anniversary for the rest of your life- your elopement is so incredibly special. You deserve to have your ENTIRE adventure captured (not just your vows and some quick portraits!) for you to relive time and time again. Traditional weddings get their entire story told, from the time they're getting ready to the time they leave the venue. Even though the activities and timeline of an elopement are completely different, your story still deserves to be told. So why not make the day you get married the best day you can possibly imagine?


This is not an all-day photo shoot, you won't have a camera in your face the entire time. We'll be hiking, laughing, doing whatever adventures and activities you want, exploring some really epic places, and at some point along the way you'll get married! This is about documenting the fun and excitement that is your wedding day and the two of you having the time of your lives. 

A couple cuddling and laughing together during their elopement in Alaska

Things to Do During Your Alaska Elopement

So, what would we even do all day?! Honestly? Anything you want. The great thing about eloping is that you are deciding to get married your way. There's no pre set expectations or "rules" that you have to follow. You can do anything you want.

The better thing about choosing to elope in Alaska? There are an endless amount of insanely fun things to do, beautiful places to explore, and things you could do during your elopement that are specifically unique to Alaska.

You could take a helicopter tour to a glacier (or another destination!) and land on the glacier to explore the ice and blue melt pools. Or you could go on a dog-sledding adventure- even in the summer. You could try chasing the Northern Lights aka the aurora! You could go whale watching and see how many different species you can see or you can eat all the delicious fresh seafood (the salmon, halibut & crab are incredible!). You could kayak in the fjords, a glacier fed lake, the sound, or even a lake with icebergs floating in it. You could visit Katmai National Park & Preserve to see grizzly bears or visit the least visited national park in America- the Gates of the Arctic and explore a place without any roads or trails. You could say your vows in front of the tallest peak in North America- Denali or have an epic backpacking adventure and do a multiday hut to hut traverse. Or you can see jaw-dropping views just steps from your car!


You can elope with just you and your partner or with your closest family and friends. You could have a picnic on a mountaintop or have a private chef cook dinner for you in your Airbnb. You can write each other letters or sing each other songs. You can have a first look or get ready together. You can have an elaborate ceremony or a very simple one.

The point is? It's your elopement day- do what you want! Make it the best day for you imaginable. Don't let anyone tell you what your day should or shouldn't look like. No elopement is exactly like another- so don't get caught in the trap of doing it a certain way. I mean isn't that one of the reasons you decided to elope anyways? To get married in a way that is fun and authentically represents you? Have the type of wedding day that makes you happy and feel full.


Best Places to Elope in Alaska

Alaska is hands down one of the most incredible, breathtaking states (and elopement destinations) out there. There's so much beauty to be discovered, adventures to be had, and endless places to explore! Filled with the best and prettiest scenery that nature has to offer, Alaska is full of the best places to elope.


If it isn't obvious, I love Alaska and could talk about why for hours on end (which is why I'm so stoked to share these epic locations with you!). Here are just a few places to consider for your Alaska elopement:

Hatcher's Pass Area

Thompson's Pass Area

Denali National Park and Preserve


Kenai Fjords Area

Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve

Chugach National Forest

Various Glaciers


The Best Time of Year to Elope in Alaska

In my opinion, the best time of the year to elope in Alaska is May-September. If you're looking for the best weather imaginable, peak season is mid-June through mid-August. The driest, sunniest weather in Alaska tends to be May through the end of July with the most rain being in the end of July through October. The summer also brings long days with plenty of daylight full of time for lots of fun activities! August may bring a higher chance of rain, however it also brings fall foliage, no more mosquitos, and a chance to see the aurora (later in month)- plus I love the *moody* Alaska look that rain and fog can bring. If you're looking for crisp weather, stunning autumn foliage, less crowds, and perhaps even a dusting of snow (and maybe even a chance at seeing the aurora!!)- late August and September is the month you're looking for!

The shoulder seasons will have slightly more unpredictable weather, but can offer the chance of places being less crowded. Depending on what region of the state and scenery you want to elope in, it is important to research the weather. Snow can stay in the mountains well into the summer and render many spots inaccessible

Less posing, more you.

I'm not here to capture forced emotions, faked moments or the same shots over and over again, I'm here to capture the real you and your real love. No forced poses, no fake smiles, no saying crazy things to get a reaction just for "the shot". In fact, this isn't about me at all. It's all about you. It's all about you having an incredible experience and having the best day imaginable. I truly believe that when you're having the time of your lives, beautiful photos will follow. I'm here to tell the story of your day, to capture images full of real emotion, laughter, adventure, love, and most importantly images that are an authentic representation of you and your relationship. I want you to look back at your photos and think "yes, this is us".

Feeling awkward in front of the camera is a very real fear, one that I understand very personally. I hate being in front of the camera myself, and have had some very uncomfortable times when my husband and I have been photographed. I get it. Which is why I never want you to feel that way. Almost everyone I photograph has this concern, being in front of the camera can be uncomfortable or even scary. Which is why I take a documentary or storytelling approach to photography. Photos don't have to be a stressful thing, they can be so much fun and easier to do than you've ever imagined. I have a very relaxed, natural posing style where my main focus is capturing the real you in the most authentic & fun way possible! My goal is that you get so comfortable, you forget the camera is even there, and feel 100% confident to truly be yourself, be deeply connected with one another and let your personalities shine. Which is why getting to know the real you is so important to me and is why I want to get to know you and connect before we ever meet in person. After all, it's much easier to be photographed by a friend than some random stranger! If you're still worried, check out my reviews to see what couples say about working with me.

Meet Your Alaska Elopement Photographer

Hi I'm Kathleen! I'm your new friend, elopement guide, location scouter, pack mule, snack supplier, dress zipper, adventure buddy and most importantly- your elopement photographer! I'll be with you every step of the way to help you have the most amazing elopement experience possible.

I love the outdoors, Alaska, and being in nature every second I can. I'm happiest when I'm out hiking a new trail or camping with my dog Ranger! I also love painting, binge watching The Office for the millionth time, eating good food, reading, or traveling to new places (and hanging out with my awesome husband!).

I became an elopement photographer to pursue my biggest passions in life- spending more time outdoors, preserving memories, and photographing couples on the day they get married! I'm here to tell your story of your love and the day you get married. I want to capture it in the most beautiful, authentic way possible so you can relive your experience time and time again.

What Couples Are Saying:

"I cannot gush enough about Kathleen or our incredible photos. Even from the beginning she exceeded every expectation. I've never experienced anything so personal and I've never been so happy with photos before"

-Aubrey & John

"We had such a great experience with Kathleen! We needed someone who would be helpful, informative, and confident presence throughout the process and who has a knack for capturing those special moments on camera. We found all this and more with Kathleen"

-Chellie & Blake

"Kathleen was AHMAZING. Would highly recommend. Our pictures came out gorgeous! Especially since I typically hate seeing pictures of myself, these pictures are beautiful and I love them.

-Sarah & Crystal

A couple kissing in front of a valley of snow capped mountains in Alaska during their incredible Alaska fall elopement
An Alaska elopement photographer exploring a glacier in Alaska

Your Customized Alaska Elopement Experience

Because your elopement shouldn't fit in any box

Every Package Includes:

Help crafting and planning your elopement step by step

I'll give you tons of advice to help you plan your perfect elopement experience through unlimited consultations while planning. I'll also give you access to my 96-page Ultimate Elopement Planning Guide!

Location scouting and customized location suggestions

I love location scouting! Being an avid hiker, I love finding secret, hidden spots to explore. Many of the places my couples decide to elope at are places they had no idea even existed before I sent it to them! I'll help you find an amazing location to say your vows and get married at- no matter what type of scenery or length of hike you desire.

Vendor & Lodging Recommendations

I'll help you find the perfect vendors to help you craft the perfect experience. And if you need help finding somewhere to stay, I've got you covered there too!


Help acquiring permits & navigating the legalities

Most outdoor places do require a special use permit in order for you to legally say your vows. But not to worry, I'm experienced with the process and can help guide you on all the legalities! And on that note, I'll also help you with applying for your marriage license and making it all legal.

Help creating a timeline & finding fun activities for your day

I'll help you craft the perfect timeline for your day- taking into account all your fun activities (which I've got loads of ideas for!) and the best lighting for the most flattering images & experience possible.

Optional Officiant Services

I can legally sign as your officiant (in most states) if you want a more private experience. If you want someone to lead your ceremony in a way with more structure, I can help you find a fantastic officiant who offers that!

All photographer travel and taxes included

If it's accessible with a commercial airline & 2WD car, there's no extra travel charges. Additionally, sales tax is included so there's no surprise fees.

Candid, relaxed documentation of your day

I take a very natural, storytelling approach to photography. I want to tell your story in an authentic way and capture all of the emotion of your day so you can look back at your photos and feel present in that moment and relive your experience over and over again. I also want you to have a lot of fun! So no stiff, overly posed, awkward photos- just the real you.

Digital gallery of high-resolution images

You will get unlimited downloads of your gallery and personal printing rights- meaning you can share with friends and family and print at whichever shop of your choosing.

A couple kisses on during their Alaska elopement on the beach
A couple during their adventure elopement in Alaska
A couple saying their vows during their Alaska wedding

Oh... and I'll bring the coffee & snacks too.

Alaska Elopement Packages

A couple experiencing a waterfall in Keystone Canyon near Valdez, Alaska during their elopement day after getting married in the mountains
Alaska Elopements & Weddings// Starting at $4,200


4+ hours of continuous documentation

Every Package Includes:

Help crafting and planning your elopement step by step

Unlimited consultations while planning 

Location scouting and customized location suggestions

Help acquiring permits & navigating the legalities

Help creating a timeline for your day

Vendor Recommendations

Optional Officiant Services

Access to my VIP Elopement Planning Client Guide

Tons of advice to help you have the best day ever!

All photographer travel included

Digital gallery of high-resolution images

Unlimited downloads of your gallery and personal printing rights

What's it like to work with me?

A bride crying while her new husband reads his vows during their elopement ceremony in Washington

"We had such a great experience with Kathleen! My partner (and now wife) and I were looking to elope during the pandemic. We wanted a fun, sweet, adventurous wedding day. We needed someone who would be a helpful, informative, and confident presence throughout the process and who has a knack for capturing those special moments on camera. We found all of this and more with Kathleen.

We reached out to Kathleen just weeks before our proposed elopement date and she immediately got us set up with a consultation appointment with her. Kathleen was a flexible and supportive partner in the process, from working around the logistics we had planned, to encouraging our imaginations for how we could make our special day uniquely ours. Kathleen used her knowledge of the area to recommend several locations based on the ideas we brainstormed and she also provided guidance for the preparation and materials we'd need for the day. Some of our favorite memories of the day--playing board games, exploring the coast, and an impromptu dance party--stem from the inspiration Kathleen gave us that allowed us to be ourselves and celebrate who we are as a couple.

On the day of, Kathleen arrived on time and ready to help, equipped with extra snacks and hand-warmers. She gave suggestions when we asked and otherwise gave us the space to be vulnerable, silly, and focus on one another. Throughout, she was a steady, encouraging, and quiet presence.

We are thrilled with our pictures and how Kathleen captured so many special moments—the emotions on each of our faces, the little ways my partner and I relate to each other, and the beauty of our chosen locations and activities. We especially appreciate the sneak peak Kathleen sent us the day after to help us share our joy with family and friends.

We felt safe and comfortable in Kathleen's adaptable, capable, and competent professionalism, and we would recommend her to all of our friends and family.

Thank you Kathleen for helping make our day so special!" -Chellie and Blake

A couple snowshoeing during their adventure engagement photos in Alaska

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