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Sunset Adventure Session in the North Cascades

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

A couple at Artist point for their engagement photos in front of Mt Shuskan

Artist Point Photo Session

No two days in the mountains are exactly the same, every single sunrise or sunset brings something new to the table. This night was no different-I’ve been to this spot many times before, but this night truly took my breath away. This was honestly one of the most jaw dropping sunsets in the mountains that I've ever seen in my life (which is saying something since I've seen quite a few beautiful ones!)

It was one of those nights where everything just worked out so perfectly. It had been a pretty cloudy week, and driving up, the mountain was tucked away in a curtain of clouds and fog, so we weren’t sure whether of not she’d make an appearance. Jessie & Luke were so much fun during their adventure session, and so obviously in love! They started off with drinking some yummy white wine & chatting while sitting and enjoying the view before going off to explore more. Then we hiked around, exploring around the area, soaking in all the views we could, finding the reflection pools, and of course they shared plenty of laughter and cuddles together.

Then, the clouds began to part, giving small glimpses of the mountain. With the reflection of the water it looked reminiscent of something straight out of a movie I had to keep reminding myself it was actually happening! It completely took my breath away so many times throughout the night. It’s always so crazy to me, being so close to the clouds where you feel like if you leaned juuuuuust a little bit farther, you could touch them.

As the clouds kept clearing, we were treated to a phenomenal sunset with alpenglow on the mountains. The combination of the clouds, colors, reflections, and fog was otherworldly! That and with how amazing Jessie & Luke were, it was one of those experiences I’ll hold on my heart forever.

The North Cascades is one of my favorite places in the entire world. Often called "The American Alps", it's home to some of the prettiest scenery in Washington including: jagged, granite mountain peaks, volcanoes, countless alpine lakes, forests, and depending on the season colorful wildflowers or golden larches. But surprisingly, it's still one of the least visited national parks in the U.S. (just another reason to love it even more!). Which is why I love suggesting the North Cascades to couples looking to elope or have an adventure sessions, it's pretty much the perfect spot.

Check out this blog post to learn more about how to elope in the North Cascades!

Do you want to have an incredible adventure in North Cascades National Park for your engagement or elopement photos?

A couple toasting wine during their adventure session in the North Cascades

A couple laughing during their Artist Point engagement photo session

A couple doing a dip kiss in front of Mount Shuksan covered in clouds during their Artist Point engagement session

Dreamy clouds straight out of a fairytale partially cover Mt Shuksan as a couple holds hands and enjoys the view during their Artist Point engagement photos

Dreamy clouds straight out of a fairytale partially cover Mt Shuksan as a couple kisses to enjoy the view during their Artist Point engagement photos

Dreamy clouds straight out of a fairytale partially cover Mt Shuksan as a couple kisses to enjoy the view during their Artist Point engagement photos

A couple kissing at Artist Point at sunset with alpenglow on Mt Shuksan during their engagement photos

A couple enjoying the view of the sunset at Artist Point during their engagement photos


North Cascades elopement and engagement photographer

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2 Yorum

13 Kas 2021

You captured their love so perfectly!


Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy
13 Kas 2021

Love the reflection in the water…like they are walking in the clouds

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